Sébastien Fouillade

With 26+ years as a product leader and an entrepreneur, Sébastien leverages his experience to create new products and help innovators in the psychedelics space. He founded 2 startups and held product leadership roles in several others. He is currently working at Microsoft as a Principal Product Manager and is serving as advisor for two companies in the psychedelics space.


Sebastien is also the author of “Stairway to Healing: The Crooked Path We Travel”, an authentic account about his journey to work with ayahuasca, 5-MeO-DMT, and wachuma. His spiritual awakening started in 2011 with his first out-of-body which led to a spiritual renaissance aided by yogis, shamen, healers, float tanks, meditation, and powerful psychedelics. He went deep but kept his new self away from his corporate identity due to the stigma associated with psychedelics. He eventually came out of the spiritual closet at work, sharing his authentic self. Since then, he’s integrated teachings from plant medicine in his daily life as a husband, a dad, a product leader at Microsoft, and as the creative and marketing director for Earth Medicine Experience. He is on a mission to remove the stigma associated with psychedelics and inspire people to find their authentic selves.


Sébastien also taught yoga, practices transcendental meditation, and loves finding ways to hack his routine. He plays multiple instruments and will often perform live to help others find a smile (harmonicaforsanity.com). He loves creating magical experiences through music, art, landscaping, and software products.

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